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Twin Sleeper Chair

Twin Sleeper Chair

Our guest room is really coming along! 

We've DIYed it all - the Farmhouse bed, the nightstands, the sign, the end of bed benches that look like luggage racks.

But every guest room needs a side chair.  And since I dread sewing so much, my plan had been to buy a chair for our guest room. But then I had this wild idea .... what if I built a chair that flipped forward in half, and became a bed?

Soooo.... here's how it all went down -

We love our new chair!  It's quite sturdy and comfortable as a chair, and just right for an extra guest in our guest room.  

The chair has a very modern look (but you could use the same idea but different style to create a more tradditional twin sleeper chair).

To convert to a bed, simply set the cushions aside and pull back of chair forward (so you don't even have to move the chair when converting it to a bed)

Then just bring the front flat to the floor.  It is heavy, but nothing I can't manage entirely by myself.

Another reason for this styling was I wanted a compartment in the chair for storing bedding that is very easy to access.  Bedding and bed pillows can take up quite a bit of space, so having a built in storage space is crucial.

Then you replace those exact same cushions on the bed and add the bedding and it's a bed!

Many of our guests have small children, so having this extra bed option is great in our guest room.  

Especially when it acts as a very comfortable and sturdy chair when not in use.  

We spent about $100 on this chair.  The cushion cost $20 (it's a camp pad) - make sure you watch the video for more details on it and how we sewed the cushions.

We are so excited to be able to share these plans with you, and truly can't wait to see you build (and outbuild) us!

Enjoy the plans following,



Twin Sleeper Chair Plans