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Doing My Spring Yard Care Like a Superhero (and you can too)

Spring yard care tools roundup
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"I'm so excited for yard care season to begin!"

- Nobody, never

That is, until me, today! I got to try out Milwaukee's M18 cordless string trimmer kit (which is waaaay more than just a weed whacker - read on for that), and it has me itching to go out and get my yard whipped into shape. In fact, I got so carried away testing out these new tools, that I've been putting off writing up this blog post all morning! Read on to see what I'm so psyched about, and how you can win the same toolkit for yourself!

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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring


Spring is here! If you’re as excited to get outside as I am, here are some simple ways to tidy up and decorate your porch. 1. A fresh doormat I love getting new doormats. I don’t necessarily get them every season or every year, but depending on the condition of the one I have (or […]

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Weatherly Pergola


Build your own pergola! 

The first and most important part of this project is to set your footings properly.  There are several different means to do this - if you are setting your pergola on a wood deck or concrete patio or other stable level foundation, you can simply screw the post brackets to the deck as done here by Popular Mechanics.  It's a good idea to review this link regardless, as there is lots of good information in there.
Now if you don't have a foundation in place, you are going to have to make one for the pergola.  This can be done to whatever degree you see fit, and depends on what type of soil is on your lot (hopefully gravel  🙂  )
Diagram is from Ramp Foundations.  
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Farmhouse Table – No Pocket Holes Plan


Extremely sturdy rustic farmhouse table that is easy to build! Built out of all 2x4s and 2x2s - off the shelf lumber - builders spend between $50 and $100 making their farmhouse tables. You just need a saw and a drill to make this farm table.  

Special thanks to ssshindler for the featured photo.

image from Country Living Magazine/photo by Lucas Allen

This table was also featured in Country Living Magazine!  Built by Michael and Emily Knotts!

The plans for this farmhouse table follow.  Also check out these other plans:

Thank you so much for using our plans.  If you build, please share a photo and let us know how your build went!  


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Simple Writing Desk with Drawer


Do you need a simple desk for your home?  We are furnishing my teen daughter's room and needed a desk.  I wanted a simple desk that would keep the room feeling clean and minimal, but still very functional and good sized.  We loved the Lonny Desk from Pottery Barn, but priced at $300 - we thought we could build something inspired by it for alot less.

So we built this desk - using mostly scrap wood and a drawer slide.

It turned out really great, and is perfect in the space!

We featured this desk in our weekly YouTube video

And for those of you wanting to build it - the free plans follow.

Thanks so much - please share a photo if you build - we REALLY appreciate each and every photo shared.  It's truly a big deal!





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10 Online Interior Style Quizzes That Are Actually Worth Your Time


10 Online Interior Design Style Quizzes

At some point, everybody finds themselves wondering, "What is my design style?" Pinterest can sometimes be like putting your face in front of a fire hydrant gushing with design styles. TMI, and not very helpful! Online style quizzes can help you navigate your style and figure out why you like certain Pinterest pins. Since online e-design has come into its own, there are loads of design style quizzes to choose from. To help you decide which ones to take (and to selfishly feed my design style quiz addiction), I took a lot of them. I'm here to let you know which ones are worth your time, and share my favorites!      

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Signature Home Scents: DIY Lavender Vanilla + Lime Linen Spray


Do you have a signature scent for your home? Or a seasonal favorite home scent? Last week I made a ‘Lavender Vanilla + Lime’ spring blend to spray on our sheets and towels. Ah, it smells so refreshing! Like a late spring day! The simple recipe I used is below. Recently I mentioned that while […]

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10 Small Space Decorating Mistakes


A small room can feel limiting, but less space isn’t necessarily more of a problem than having a big room or an unusual layout. In fact, small rooms have an advantage over big rooms! They are cozier to begin with and achieving that comfortable ambience is the battle in a big room. Yet small spaces […]

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Make It: Printable Garden Planner


Printable garden planner

While I like to dream about becoming a skilled gardener someday, the reality is I have a terrible brown thumb and I kill most plants I touch. I think a lot of my garden woes have to do with inattentiveness though - I forget to water my leafy friends, fertilise them, or do anything that might come close to caring for them. Terrible right?