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How to: DIY Graphic and Modern Wall Art for Under $10



How to: Make Graphic and Modern Wall Art for under $10

This summer is extra special because... I am celebrating my ten year anniversary with my husband! Seriously, it's crazy how fast time flies. To honor such a joyous occasion, we have decided to travel to Europe. Specifically, Paris and London! We have always talked about traveling more together, but that's always easier said then done when you have three young kids. And now, at last, we finally have a really good excuse to make that happen. I decided to create some graphic and modern wall art for our newly revamped kitchen to serve as a happy and positive reminder of our very special ten-day trip for our ten year anniversary and all for under $10! Do you sense a theme here? 

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Home Style Saturdays: Cleaning Tips, Tutorials + More!


Greetings, friends! Have you ever wondered how to keep outdoor patio cushions and rugs clean all season long? Today for Home Style Saturdays I’m sharing a popular post I wrote recently on how I do just that! You’ll also find summer decorating ideas, non-alcoholic drink recipes, house cleaning tips, floral arrangement and vignettes, and a […]

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How to: Turn a Baking Rack Into a Modern Grid Organizer


How-to: Turn a Cooling Rack Into a Grid Organizer

After the hustle and bustle of the season, I find myself going into this weird funk. Our home felt like it was going to burst at the seams with all the stuff we had accumulated. The last couple weeks I've been on major purge mode to help get things feeling peaceful once more. Plus it doesn't hurt to be more organized!  This simple project is all about making life easier when it comes to rearranging the home. And all it takes is breathing aContinue reading on

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Inspired By: Adirondack Chairs


A dirondack chairs and summer just seem to go together, don’t they? I only have one in my yard (we had one other, but we had to recycle it when the wood rotted after years hanging out through Seattle winters). But I’ve long envisioned having them on a front porch or a circle of them […]

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19 Things to Do Before Going on Vacation This Summer


How to prep your home before going on vacation

Summer is synonymous with vacation time! Are you planning a big trip this year? Maybe it's a road trip across the country, or maybe it's a cruise. Perhaps an outdoor camping getaway or you're headed to a cabin by the lake. What ever the reason, if you're leaving your home unattended for a few days or even weeks. While your house can't actually get lonely without you, it will miss your maintenance. A few things need to happen inside and out so you can rest easy while you're gone. Here are 19 things you should do before going on vacation: