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Holiday Gifting 101: How to Finish Your Christmas Shopping Without Losing Your Mind in the Process

Christmas Gifts: A Complete Guide
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A lot of us (myself included) are dealing with extra emotions during the holidays. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or sheer panic, the gift-giving deadlines that creep up at Christmastime can bring up all sorts of feelings. Maybe it’s your nieces and nephews that are stressing you out because you have no idea what kids are even into anymore! Or maybe it’s your mother-in-law who who already has everything she could ever want. Or maybe your husband, when asked what he’d like for Christmas, only answers with the not-so-helpful phrase, “Whatever you’d like to get me.” 

Fortunately, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together, and we’re going to make it through another Christmas season. So let’s take deep dive into Christmas gifts: what people like, where to find it, and how to stay calm until the 25th gets here.          

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20 Awesome Last Minute Gift Ideas


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last minute gift ideasDid time get away from you? It happens to all of us! These last minute gift ideas are perfect for crossing those last few people off your list. Grab one of these last minute Christmas gifts and then you can enjoy the rest of the season! 20 Awesome Last Minute Gift Ideas Y’all, we have all … Read More about 20 Awesome Last Minute Gift Ideas

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3 Ways to Give Plain Ornaments a Stylish, Scandi Makeover


If you've ever been inspired by try a whole new color scheme or style in your Christmas decor, you may have been deterred by the fact that you'd have to replace all of the ornaments you already have. But with a little paint, you can give your ornaments a makeover, saving cash and keeping your old decor out of the landfill. Here's how I gave some glass bulbs a new look, three different ways. 

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Cubby Organizer with Hooks


Does your entryway need a little organization and storage?  Here's a orgnaizer with lots of storage, but little accessories like sunglasses, hats, or mittens are easy to find.  

I built this little cubby organizer in our latest video

And am sharing the free plans with you below.  

If you build, make sure you post a photo - we love seeing your completed projects!

Enjoy, Ana


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How to Make a Leather Monogram Stocking

DIY Leather Monogram Stocking
Images by Marlene Sauer

Ahh, the stocking -- a staple of Christmas celebrations! Have your stockings been hung yet? If not, we've got a great modern idea for you today that you will love: DIY leather monogram stockings! They are simple to make and totally in keeping with a minimal holiday decor style

If you've never embroidered, don't worry -- you only need to one stitch, the blanket stitch. Keep reading to see how to make your own!       

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Colorful & Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments


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colorful DIY Christmas ornamentsMake your own DIY Christmas ornaments with this easy, affordable and gorgeous method! It creates a colorful marbling effect, but no skill or experience is required. They are simple enough for kids to make! Hey, hey friends! I could not be more excited about the tutorial for these colorful and fun DIY Christmas ornaments. This ... Read More about Colorful & Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Gift Guide: 14 Sweet and Unique Gifts for Kids

Gift guide: 14 unique gifts for kids

If I’m being honest, I have to admit I spent altogether waaaay too long putting together this gift guide. I just couldn’t help getting completely caught up in the myriad of amazing toys and gifts available for kids these days. And best of all, many of them are handmade! Click through for my favorite finds.          

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Gift Guide: 10 Great Gifts for Anyone on Your List (Under $40)


10 Gifts under $40

Having trouble coming up with ideas for the friends, family, neighbors, etc on your holiday list this year? Check out this list of gifts for anyone on your list (guy or gal),  all under $40. There's a little something for everyone, from sake cups and calendars to woodcut note cards and 

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DIY Hand Lettered Acrylic Ornaments

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

I love making ornaments for our Christmas tree every holiday season, and this year I decided to go a bit contemporary with my design... click through to find out how to make these minimalist acrylic hand lettered ornaments.   

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Street Hockey Goal – Lacrosse, Soccer, Multi-sport Goal


Here's a great gift idea that will get the kids moving and outside!

Build them a lacrosse, street hockey or soccer goal!!!

You can use this goal indoors or out, you can even stain it up and make it "farmhousey" and feature it in your rec room or basement.  It's much less expensive than buying a real goal, and more substantial than a plastic one - so won't get blown away in the wind or knocked over by a hard shot.

This street hockey goal was built by Jaime Costiglio for Handbuilt Holiday

If you are new here, Handbuilt Holiday is a series that Jaime Costiglio and I have put on for five years in a row where we share new, free gift plans every Friday in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  There are hundreds of amazing plans that you can grab for free right here.

Please head on over to for the build post - with lots more pictures and details on the accessories and net.

Then grab the free plans below and build!

Enjoy! Ana